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Who we are and what we do.

Founded in late 2008, skobbler has become one of the premier players in mobile location-aware services. We focus on the development of location technology based on the OpenStreetMap. This technology is showcased by our apps. Read on and find out more about who we are and what we do.


We are committed to develop innovative and advanced location-aware technology for mobile devices.

In order to make the most of the local capabilities of modern mobile devices, a versatile digital map engine is key. Maps will remain the most efficient user interface for the booming market of location-aware services. The most promising, most dynamic digital map of them all is the OpenStreetMap project.

We strive to fuel the progress and continuous improvement of this map by creating a reliable and flexible technology basis for the use of the OpenStreetMap in digital applications on Mobile Devices and on the Web.


Our apps showcase the capabilities of our map technology. More than 1.3 million apps have been sold to date for the leading mobile platforms Apple iOS and Google Android. The apps have topped overall and category toplists in numerous countries. The customer rating averages across the stores are very positive. In short: our map engine is continuously benchmarked in the toughest way possible: by having to prove itself in the market.

We cover the entire value chain of the app development and app marketing process by relying both on in-house knowledge and a network of proven partners.


As we have developed and internationally marketed our own apps for years, we have acquired the expertise and skill-sets that are required to succeed in the ever-more-competitive app markets.

We offer our assistance to any mobile application project for any part of the app value chain. We assist or take care of your needs in market analysis, conceptualization, specification, development, and marketing of apps.

Our main areas of development expertise are iOS, Google Android, and JME. We also feature extensive knowledge about server-based solutions, as our core product runs offboard.


skobbler is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Its R&D facilities are located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The founding team shares a mutual professional background in the location-based technology sector. Our young team of roughly 50 staff is dedicated to creating something unique.